Title: Madonna 8-Year Anniversary Commemoration Work – Original Rape, Suspense Feature Movie – 8 Married Woman Infiltration Police Investigator – Special Division 0 Was Targeted – Lagre Criminal Investigation’s Lust [マドンナ8周年記念作品 本格凌辱サスペンス長編 8人の人妻潜入捜査官〜狙われた特捜0課!!淫欲の大捜査線〜]
Starring: Nana Aida, Yumi Kazama, Chisato Shoda, Ryouko Murakami, Reiko Nakamori, Yu Kawakami, Misa Yuki, Nanako Mori [愛田奈々, 風間ゆみ, 翔田千里, 村上涼子(中村りかこ、黒木菜穂), 中森玲子, 川上ゆう(森野雫), 結城みさ, 森ななこ]
Studio: Madonna
Released date: 04/25/2012

File type: AVI

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